First Month Update

First and foremost - thank you for checking us out and reading this update. The support we've received in such a short amount of time from our Latinx raza and allies makes me excited about our future!

What We've Done
I launched Mexican Supply Co. (MSC) on August 19, 2020 and this is what we've achieved so far (09/16/2020):

  • The talented Interactive Media Designer, Ricardo Garcia Rangel, joined the team! Connect with him on LinkedIn and IG.
  • We reached 600 followers on IG! If you haven't yet, please give us a follow and interact with the posts you like most here.
  • We had our 1st collab with a latina-owned small business in Stockton, CA. Check it out here and if you're local, try their michelada mix!
    If you know any small businesses we can help with merch and online presence, let us know. Email or DM us on IG.
  • We had our 1st collab with IG fan @rjcordova who had great concepts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium. Take a look here.
  • We had 3 (that's right THREE) collaborations with iconic, Silicon Valley Latinx community leader, author, and angel investor - Frank Carbajal! These collabs are all about bringing awareness to social issues faced by the broader latinx community. Check them out here.

What's Next (short term)
We have many more exciting and impactful collaborations coming soon. We're partnering with small latino-owned business as well as latinx community leaders. We're using our platform and audience to create awareness about the tough social issues that the mainstream is not addressing. I can't express how exciting, humbling, and fulfilling this opportunity is.

What's Next (long term)
I launched MSC as a way to create a community of latinx chingones, express our shared heritage and career experiences, and raise startup money. The next step in our larger plan is to launch a crowdfunding campaign to self-fund (as much as possible) our startup.

By self-funding, we will remain in control of both MSC and our soon-to-be startup. This will give us the freedom to grow things our way, which we feel is by helping our Latinx community by creating REAL career opportunities for non-traditional candidates. We are embarrassingly underrepresented in tech - help us change that!

I can't say for sure how long it will be before we launch our startup but at this pace, things are looking GOOOOOOD! Stay tuned for updates through IG and/or our mailing list. If our mission resonates with you, please help us by telling others, following and interacting with your favorite IG posts, and of course buying merch.

Gracias raza for all of your support! I'm humbled and honored to have the opportunity to have an impact on the systemic struggles we all face.

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