LatinX Community Leader Recognition: Frank Carbajal

Frank Carbajal and Jesus Ferreyra selfie
Frank's "Thank You" Letter - Mexican Supply Co.

Imagine for a minute that you have to find your way out of an unfamiliar home or building, in total darkness. How would we know what rooms to go to, or when we're repeatedly taking the same path over and over? We most likely wouldn't. In that scenario, we could widen our worldview by stumbling in the dark, at best. That's what my experience with role models and mentors has been like.

Professionally, there were so many options I was never exposed to coming from a rural agricultural, immigrant, first generation, etc... background. There were mistakes that I didn't have to make. Instead of stumbling in the dark, I could have taken and even expanded on the path forged by others.

I'm aware that I have much to learn but also have a significant amount of experience to share. I feel an obligation to share my findings with the kids that grew up hopeless and angry at the world, like me. I might not have all the answers, but between all of my good friends and peers, I think we have enough to make an impact. That's why I'd like to recognize the leaders making waves for the latinx community.

Frank Carbajal is a Silicon Valley OG! He's been advocating for us before I was born and he's going stronger than ever. Frank grew up in the Eastside in San Jose. He too experienced the socioeconomic toll that growing up with limited resources can have in an underserved latino community. Yet he found a way and founded Es Tiempo LLC, the "Annual Latino Leadership Summit", and even found the time to write a book - Building the Latino Future

Frank's an all-around great person and I'm honored to call him my friend. That's why I'd like to recognize his efforts and legacy. I wish I had known about people like Frank when I was young. I can't change that but I can share his knowledge with the next generation of professional LatinX's. Going forward I'll be co-hosting a monthly Zoom session with Frank where we'll get to hear from the leaders in our community that are advancing our gente.

Thanks for everything Frank! You can learn more about Frank here:
- Frank Carbajal on LinkedIn
- EsTiempo LLC
Building the Latino Future

I also invite you all to attend the free Zoom event Frank and I will be hosting. You can learn more here.



Jesus Ferreyra

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