What is Mexican Supply Co.?

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I take pride in my culture and humble upbringing. I was a migrant farmworker from the age of 4 and into my college years. I know how difficult it is to break the cycle of limited opportunities. I busted my ass for a long time, for a chance to prove myself. I more than proved myself and got a taste of Silicon Valley.

For every story like mine, there are many more that don't get told - about our Latinx raza that didn't get that opportunity. I'm going to change that and MSC is how.



MSC is the merch and expression of a community of Latinx leaders advancing diversity in Silicon Valley. Apparel is the first phase of a much larger plan.
Simply put, we're a tech company in the making - for the raza by the raza.

By building our own tech company, we'll have an avenue to give the next generation a chance to get their share of the Silicon Valley success. In order to have real change, we'll focus on providing a positive and nurturing community for our kids, teens, and young adults. A child that grows up believing she/he will be and is deserving of a successful career will find success because the upbringing planted and nurtured that seed of confidence. It's no wonder that a child that grows up believing the opposite, lives up to that negative self-limiting and self-fulfilling prophecy. I want build up our communities for our children, which are the future.


I appreciate all the love and support I've gotten from all of you. You can continue to support the cause by spreading the word, following us on IG @mexicansupply, twitter @thehomiechuy, and most importantly, by buying merch.

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